Self-Installing and Relocatable MOPUs

Our Mono-Column Platform (MCP) can be designed to meet our client’s field deployment requirements such as production platform, accommodation, tender-assist drilling and more.

We are the exclusive licensee for the fabrication and deployment of Brian Chang-designed MCPs in Malaysia.

Principal Particulars
  • Brian Chang design
  • Self-Installing/Removal
  • Deck Space of 3,600 m2
  • Water Depth: 120 m (upgradable)
  • Air Gap: 9.95 m
  • Deck Load up to 5,000 MT
  • Class & Notation: A1, Self-Elevating Unit
  • Capable to remain on site up to 25 years
Capabilities JU JKT MCP
Self-Installing/ Self-Removal
No Offshore Construction
Scalable System
Maintain on site > 5 years without dry-dock



MCP – Lite